Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Strange Love

Most kids get attached to things, right? Like maybe a teddy bear or a blanket or something? And while Milo loves his blankie for sleeping there is something he loves even more. An old, no battery, no fun, pink razr cell phone. He has actually had this thing for a while and he never really cared too much for it. But, a few weeks ago he rediscovered it and its been all over. He eats with it, he sleeps with it, it goes EVERYWHERE with him.. Pretty much the only time he doesn't have it is when he takes a bath, and even then its on the co
unter where he can see it.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C
God forbid we should ever lose this one. Thank god no one uses them anymore so you can probably buy one cheap on Ebay, or someone would be really upset!


ab said...

HA! Love it! At least it's a happy trade for the iPhone/iPad?

Stephanie C. said...

A trade? No. Now his hands are just really full when he plays with the iPad! lol

Sonia said...

interesting are the habit pattern of the kids, good reading.