Thursday, September 24, 2009

I really need to thank the Fleet Foxes...

... for giving me a life for the last 6 months. Why, you ask? Because up until this past month, playing Fleet Foxes in the car was the only way to get Milo to not have a total freak out the entire ride. Seriously!

The thing is, Milo has hated the car pretty much from day 1. When he was first born he would scream himself to sleep every time we got in the car. But eventually the screaming to sleep turned into just screaming. So at 3 months we ditched the evil infant seat (because that made him scream ANYTIME) and installed the convertible car seat. This was an improvement, in the fact that my ear drums didn't shatter anymore. It was better, but he was still crying the whole time. So one day when he was around 3 months old I put in the Fleet Foxes and turned it up to favorite song and it was pretty much immediate happy!

So for the next 6 months, that was what we listened to in the car almost all the time if he was awake. And if he was tired it was put on a certain track which would put him out immediately. When we took a trip to MN and forgot the cd, we ran to a record store to buy another copy.
(Did you know people still bought cds in stores?!) When people came to visit that cd was playing, like it or not. We tried other things but everything pissed him off, except for that cd. Only now can I put on whatever I want when we're driving in the car. But I still reserve Fleet Foxes for when he is way tired and needs to nap.

I have to say, its a testament to how good the cd is that I could listen to it day in and day out for months and I don't run screaming when it comes on now, don't you think?

So, thank you Fleet Foxes, for allowing us to get out of the house everyday with my eardrums still in tact. I owe you one!


greg said...

Cute story! I will let Robin from FF know he has improved your quality of life. (I'm his father) I'll forward your link to him as well so tell Milo that Robin appreciates his support. :-)

Stefanie K. said...

I totally freaking love Fleet Foxes, and I'm pretty sure telling this story to my husband will bump up his baby making eagerness by at least 3 months, so thanks for that :) He loooooved that album ;)

Stefanie K. said...

And wow! How cool is it that Greg, Robin's dad left you a comment??? Holy cow, that's awesome!