Friday, September 11, 2009

9 Months Old!

Height: 29.5" (88%)
Weight: 22 lbs 7 oz (80%)

Dear Milo -

Yesterday you turned 9 months old - thats 3/4 of the way to your birthday and I can hardly believe it! Though, to look at you, you are starting to look every bit a toddler lately, and less
like a baby every single day.

Contributing to that big boy look is definately the 3 more teeth you got this month! It took a solid month for your second tooth to show up but within a week or two after that numbers 3 and 4 popped right in. The top two have a little gap between them, that may or may not close up on its own, but it sure is adorable! Unfortunately, with all these teeth has come the biting during nursing sometimes as well. Luckily you only nurse 4 times a day now and we've only got 3 months to go. You'll figure it out and even if you don't we'll power through.
You have learned to do some much this month it is amazing! You are crawling around like a pro and you are pulling up to standing on furniture and things. When stand up you are so proud of yourself - you look at us and smile so huge! It is really cute and we are really proud of you too! You are even trying to stand without holding onto anything already. You can only do it for a couple of seconds at a time, but you are really determined to figure it out!
With all this crawling and standing you are an absolute tornado in this house! You are into everything and manage to make a mess anywhere within minutes. You love Bella's toys, almost more then your own, and will regularly try to steal them from her, even if she is playing with them already. Its a good thing she is so understanding, and you two regularly play tug of war together! You also love the springy doorstops and tearing up magazines. And I can't forget the dog water. You seem to think that it is your own personal splash pool! Thank goodness we have the "baby jail" up in the dining room to keep you in when I can't have both my eyes on you!
You are eating just about everything right now, although you still won't put food in your mouth yourself. You love finger foods though, you just want us to put them in your mouth for you. I give you finger foods everyday so you can practice, but you just throw it all on the floor immediately. Perhaps you and Bella are in colusion here?
You are so much fun, and becoming such a big boy! We love you and love watching you grow everyday!

ETA: There was so much that happened this month, that there are a few things I forgot to mention so I thought I should add them here. You eat anything and everything it seems like, with table foods easily being your favorite over purees (even though you won't put finger foods into your mouth by yourself yet.) You understand no and will stop doing something if I tell you now. You do, however, go right back to it usually if you think I'm not looking and I haven't been able to distract you with something else. Also, you have been taking both naps in your crib this month as well, when in the past you would only nap on the couch with me!

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