Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer-ising the Nursery

Yes, that is tin foil you see all over Milo's window!

The thing is, it stays light out for about 16 hours a day here this time of year, so I have been meaning to put up the tin foil to block out the light for a couple weeks now, and now that it is HOT too and the sunlight was heating up the room like crazy I finally got around to it. So why tin foil, you ask? Why not black out shades or curtains? Because tin foil is totally opaque and CHEAP, and we don't plan to stay in the house beyond another year if things go as we hope. So there you go. Ghetto? Yes. Effective? Yes.

Oh and how do you like that lovely fan in the window? Turns out, air conditioners for windows that open that way are hard to find, and really expensive, so we got one of these fans hoping that it will blow in the cool night air. It seems to be working so far (in that his room is like 79 degrees instead of 82, which is a start!)

Go ahead, you can applaud my ingenuity now. (And of course by ingenuity, I mean copying something I read on the internet!)

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Simona Walters said...

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