Monday, December 22, 2008

Why Milo is Awesome....

2 Weeks Old

  • He has had his eyes open so much since day one - more then any other newborn I have ever seen.
  • When he wakes up he opens one eye at a time. We call this "pirate eye." Aaaarrrggghhh Matey!
  • He snorts exactly like a pig when he is upset or frustrated, or sometimes just because. Its about the cutest sound ever.
  • He is really strong. He has been lifting his head and rolling partway to his side since we have been in the hospital. Sometimes this makes things like feeding and changing tough... but I can't complain!
  • He can already find his hands and bring them to his mouth. And he like to hold on to his pacifier when its in his mouth sometimes.
(And yep, its my blog so I will brag my face off if I want to.... even if this stuff is totally normal for all babies!)

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