Wednesday, December 17, 2008

1 Week Old

And what a week it has been!  

We got discharged from the hospital on Saturday but didn't get out until 7pm because Milo was having all kinds of tests because he had lost nearly 10% of his weight and he was a bit more jaundiced then they liked.  We took him into the doctors office on Monday and his weight was down to 7 lbs 12 oz (from 8 lbs 14 oz at birth) and he was a little bit dehydrated.  The doctor was thinking it was because my milk didn't start to come in until the night before, which is a little later, but normal for c-section babies.  So she had us breastfeeding and supplementing with formula every 3 hours for the rest of the day.  Tuesday we went back to the doctors and Milo's weight was up nearly 6 oz to 8 lbs 4 oz!  The doctor was so impressed - she was only hoping for a half an ounce to an ounce.  Also his jaundice was down and he was looking great.  She took us off formula and he is now breastfeeding like a champ - all. the. time.

Not much else exciting going on here. My parents are still here until Saturday so we've mostly just been hanging out at home.  Milo did have his first Target trip after his last doctors appointment and tonight we went out to dinner and get his picture taken with Santa.  He was a little fussy this evening but once we got him into the car he got through dinner and his Santa picture without a peep... even if his eyes were closed for the picture.  I think he loves to shop just like his momma!

And now some pictures!

My 40 week belly and last pregnant picture!
Daddy and his little man.
I'm such a little peanut my hands get lost in my tiny shirts!
Leaving the hospital... too tiny for the outfit mommy brought to go over my onesie!
Milo and Bella - best buddies already!
Thinking hard.
Trying out my Christmas outfit.


Zoe said...

Milo is absolutely adorable...congratulations again!

Jen Lombardo said...

He's so cute Stef! Congrats and enjoy!

Ann Marie said...

Congratulations! That picture of Bella and Milo is too precious. :-)

Ava said...

Oh my gosh, how sweet! And I love the Christmas outfit!!!