Wednesday, June 25, 2008

They sure know how to party in Long Island!

So the entire weekend was very tear filled - starting here with Nate and Kristen at the rehearsal, and then at the wedding, and then everyone who spoke at the wedding. It was very sweet and emotional!
Here is Doug getting dressed... with his suspenders! I never thought I'd see those on him!
Doug walking down the aisle with his bridesmaid counterpart.

Kristen with her dad looking gorgeous! Honestly, she was stunning!

And some ceremony goodness.

I will say I was suprised at how amazing the reception was, and I mean that in the best way. I mean, in my defense the venue was called "Captain Bills" - who would picture that being so beautiful and fancy!

So this cocktail hour was crazy! There was a Carribean steel drum band playing and so much food I (almost) coulnd't eat my dinner! There was the standard veggies/cheese thing, about maybe 6 hot hand passed appetizers, including my favorite - the bacon and bleu cheese stuffed salt potatoes, and then 3 stations around. One had 2 pastas, one had clams or oysters or something and then other had shrimp and chicken scampi. Look how much fun I'm having with my Sprite.

The recpetion was just as great as the cocktail hour. There was a live band playing all night that were so good if you weren't looking you would think it was a DJ! Dinner was crab cakes, cesear salad, and your choice of tenderloin, chicken, or mako. There there were cookies. Then an ICE CREAM SUNDAE BAR (the new gold standard for receptions as far as I'm concerned). Then this beautiful cake that was so good - moist chocolate with chocolate mousse filling. I'm full again just thinking about it.

So, congratulations to Nate and Kristen. It was an amazing start to your new life together!

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