Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NY Recap

Seriously, after that vacation I feel like I need a vacation to recover. I promise you that the next time I take off for over a week it better be to lay on a beach somewhere. So, heres what we did:

Friday night:
Leave work at 2pm to go home and pic up Bella and our luggage. Since its early we decide to take the Ferry over to Nick and Stef's to drop off Bella instead of driving around the sound. Personally, I hate HATE ferries (ooh slow, expensive and inconvenient? perfect!) and the in car time is the same either way but Doug thinks its nice to not have to be driving the whole way. So we get the to terminal as a Ferry is leaving and think that we will DEFINITELY make it on the next one that leaves in 50 minutes. Wait in car and they start loading the next one - lo and behold - the car in front of us is the LAST CAR ON. #%$@*!& So we have to wait for the next one and make it to Nick and Stef's just in time to drop off Bella, give instructions, and drive back to, what I like to call, "the good side" of the sound for the airport. Red eye flight departs at 11:30pm.

Saturday - Monday:
Hang out in Buffalo with my family and eat ourselves silly.
  • Chicken Finger Subs
  • Pizza and Wings
  • Steak, Ribs and Crab Cakes for Father's Day
  • Ihop
  • Tina's Italian Kitchen
Monday night - Thursday
Hang out in Rochester with Doug's family and eat ourselves silly.
  • Henrietta Hots
  • Dinosaur BBQ
  • Friday's
  • Chinese Place
Thursday Afternoon:
Fly to NYC, rent a car, and drive to the Bronx to meet D. Go downtown and buy my fabulous new diaper bag and then eat our faces off at Patsy's.

So here it is... THE diaper bag:And yes I realize there is a 50/50 chance that there is a boy in my gut, but I still went with pink... after all, I'M the one lugging it around, not the kiddo!

Friday - Saturday:
Drive to Long Island for Nate and Kristen's rehearsal and wedding (where we ate ourselves into a food coma - surprise, surprise). (More to come on this in a later post!)

12 hours of traveling back to Seattle, starting in JFK - the worst airport ever. Turns out VA flys out of the international terminal, where no one in the security line speaks English and there is no food. Sweet.Punch me next time I try to fit all that in during just a week please. I mean it!

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