Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Best Vacation. Ever.

So it is pretty safe to say that a Disney Cruise is the best vacation you will ever go on.  Here's a short breakdown of events followed by a couple of pictures!

Day 1:  Got on the ship at 1 and had lunch at the buffet.  Check out the stateroom and explored the ship.  Ship departed at 5pm.  We had dinner at Triton's and then saw "Dan in Real Life" at the movie theater on the ship.  The seas were a little rough that night due to the tropical storm that was a ways off so I had to buy some Seabands to wear but it was alright.

Day 2: We docked at Nassau early in the morning.  We had breakfast at the buffet and then got off the ship.  We took a cab over to the Atlantis resort and gambled at the casino.  We won $100 and called it a day on the island.  We went back to the ship and spent the day at the pool and around the ship.  That night we had dinner at Animator's Palate. That night was the Pirates in the Caribbean party so we hung out there where there was music and the characters were dressed as pirates and dancing.  Afterwards there were fireworks and a huge buffet.

Day 3: We docked at Castaway Cay at 8am.  We had breakfast at a different buffet and got off the ship and spent the entire day on Disney's private island.  We hung out the adult beach and floated on tubes in the ocean.  There was a bbq lunch as well.  That afternoon we went over to another section of beach were we rented a kayak and paddled around not far from the ship.  It was the plastic kind that you sit on top of so as soon and the guy pushed us off the beach and we stuck our oars in the water we tipped right over!  It was totally hilarious.  After the entire day on the island we went back to the ship and had dinner at Palo and then hung out around the ship.

Day 4: We docked back at Cape Canaveral and left the ship after breakfast.

I have the craziest splotchy sunburn on my legs and knees (!) and I seriously probably gianed 10 lbs from all of the free food EVERYWHERE but it was totally worth.  Hands down the most fun we've had pretty much ever.  We already can't wait until we have to opportunity to go again.

And now on to the picture!

Our bandanas we were given for Pirate Night! Arrgggghhh Matey!
Every night at turn down housekeeping made a towel animal.  This gorilla was our favorite.
The real Flying Dutchman, docked at Castaway Cay.
Disney touches all over the ship/
Kids pool.
Doug all ready for the safety drill before we departed.
The stack with Mickey!
Docked at Nassau with our sister ship.

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Roderic J said...

I'm pissed that you watched a movie@

Other than that I'm happy! Glad you had a good time.