Friday, November 9, 2007


I almost never encounter rude people on the BART in the morning. I mean, there are rude in the sense of chatty cell phone talkers or whatever, but never anyone downright nasty. Hey, we are all stuck in this cramped tin can on our way to work together, right? But today... oh today I met the worst of the worst. We shall call him Grumpy Gus. And to paint the picture, he looks like a normal 50 or so year old guy in a sports coat.

So I get on the train and its standing room only, as it normally is during rush hour, and walk to the back of the car, set my bag down between my feet and grab on to the post that comes out of the edge of the back of every few seats. Gus is seating in the seat behind the pole I'm holding onto and he says as soon as I grab on "Excuse me Miss, but you're bumping!" As I say sorry, thinking I must have accidently gotten him with my bag as I was setting it down he proceeds to say "Maybe you should not stand so close." Ummmm, where else should I stand? Whatev. So I look around to be sure I'm in no way touchin ghim or anyone else - and I'm not, since its not extremely packed yet. About a minute or 2 later my friend Gus stands up and body checks me into the person next to me as he gets out of his seat. Lets keep in mind I wasn't even intruding in the area next to his seat at this point... not that itshould matter if I was. So, body check and then he storms out into the next car, leaving me and everyone around us going "Seriously? What the hell is wrong with that guy?!" The thing is, apparently Gus can not stand to have anyone standing near him. On public transportation. During rush hour. What a whack job.
But the jokes on him really because the next car was no less crowded, with no seats, but I got to sit in his seat when he left. And hte guy that was sitting next to him looked at me when I sat down and said "What's with him?" (Ya know, I appreciate the validation that I'm not the one losing it here!)

Good old BART, always ready to supply with entertainment at least! But seriously, does anyone know where I can get a teleporter to take me to work?

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