Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 Height: 29.25"
Weight: 20 lb 1 oz (12%)

Dear Parker -

Look at you, my big one year old. No longer really a baby, but a toddler now! I really feel like it happened in a blink of an eye and I was much more emotional about your birthday then I was with your brothers, probably because it came so much faster!
Really, as much as i hate to admit it, "toddler" is a more appropriate term now for you. You are walking like a pro. In fact in the last day or so you've started to choose walking over crawling whenever possible. You also legitimately point to what you want now, instead of just raising your hand at it.  And you are pointing at a lot nowadays as you ALWAYS want whatever your brother has, especially when it comes to food and drinks.

You eat everything in sight now and it shows since you gained almost 2 pounds since your last weight check a month and a half ago. You love meatballs and waffles still, and we found that you also really love kiwi. You don't eat any baby food now, but you will still let me feed you yogurt and applesauce. You also love milk and drink so much of now. Between you and your brother I am buying a ton of milk!
You are such a silly dude and still very laid back when we are out and about. You love to play with your brother and make a mess and get into everything but you also love to take breaks and snuggle on someones lap every so often when you are playing. You might be a toddler but you're still my little baby!

We love you so much big man! You are becoming such an amazing little boy!

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