Friday, September 21, 2012

10 Months Old!

Dear Parker -

I can't believe you are 10 months old already.  Which is a mere 2 MONTHS until your birthday! Crazy!

You have certainly been busy this month. You are now cruising on the furniture like a pro, walking with your walker (which is your favorite, as long as your brother is following you around to help you when you get stuck against a wall) and you have even tried standing on your own for a second or 2 recently!  You climb on everything still, but at least you have figured out how to get off of low surfaces like the Anywhere Chair without bonking your head now.  Oh and you LOVE the stairs! As soon as someone opens up the gate you crawl faster then any other time to try to get to the stairs in case the gate is down before someone catches you. Trust me, that gate isn't down much nowadays just in case! You are very different from your brother in that he didn't really need much in the way of baby proofing but you are what that stuff was invented for!

Your favorite person lately is definitely Daddy, over me even.  Every time you see him you book over to where he is and get so mad if he walks away from you. You just seem to think he is the greatest! 

You still love to eat everything, but especially like food that you can hold on yourself in a big piece. Like, if its a chicken nugget you're eating, you want the whole thing to take bites out of, not little tiny pieces! You can really be dramatic at dinner time if you want something you aren't getting. You've also finally figured out the sippy cup this month and now you steal your brothers milk or juice at any chance you get! You can even drink from the straw cups so there's no keeping you out of his drinks if you get ahold of one!

You certainly are keeping us on our toes but we all love you so much and love what a little personality you are getting!

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