Friday, March 16, 2012

Insta-Photo Dump

Dang its been awhile.  Keeping 2 kids, a husband, and a dog alive is really cutting into my free time, amirite ladies?

So here's what we've been up to in the past month, Instagram style...

Lots of general baby and toddler cuteness happening...

Roses from my Valentine - just the way I like them, in a planter so they don't die in a day.  So far they are still alive so hopefully I can keep it that way until I can plant them outside!

Doug had to travel for work on Valentine's day so I had a date with Edward.

Its Milo's dream come true!

Bad ass baby.

First band aid.  Mickey obvs.

This doggy loves to snuggle up next to her boys!

Mickey pancakes with sprinkles.  I am not cool enough to come up with this on my own. The internet showed me.

Gas prices can suck it.  It costs a fortune to fill up my mom mobile!

More general cuteness.

Playing the cake pop iphone app while eating a cake pop.  This kid is obsessed!

Trying on the kangaroo carry on the sling. We're both fans.

This guy is ready to EAT!  He is all up on anyone who has food, all the time!

Oh hi, unseasonably warm weather!

It was not me that taught him to eat peanut butter this way, that's for sure.

Draw Something is my new favorite game. Especially when my brother sends me epic pictures like this! (The answer is Golem btw, for all the non nerds out there.)

I'm off dairy right now to try to cure Parker's excema-looking rash. No cheese is making me cranky but thank god for Almond Milk at least.

Wearing Mommy's "hat."

They aren't lying when they say there is Double Rainbows inside! Odwalla OJ is sent straight from the heavens, I'm sure of it.

Went to my first hockey game this week. Go Sabres!

Proof it really is crazy nice out right now - this lazy dog dragged herself off the couch to sunbathe.

This weeks forecast - unbelievable for this time of year here!

More cute.

life rearranged

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