Friday, January 27, 2012


Our week in Instagram photos...

The boy loves popcorn so Santa made the mistake of putting this blue popcorn in his stocking.  The dye gets everywhere though so we ate some when he was in bed so he couldn't make a mess of it.  Santa won't make that mistake again I'm sure!

Sleepy baby

Big boy sitting in his Bumbo already!

This kid is the pickiest eater but he LOVES him some Miso soup.

Chocolate martinis with mom - on a Sunday afternoon.

Snow fun with Grandma!

This creamer is my new BFF.  It is AMAZING! Go buy it. Right now.

Cute and comfortable new headphones.  They perfectly match my iphone case too!

Captain No Nap. At your service.

This isn't how you watch TV?!

life rearranged

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Holly said...

Mmm, I love the blue popcorn, and the headphones!