Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Office

With just under 3 months until we have 2 CHILDREN, we thought we should, you know, think about getting Parker's room set up.  I mean, by now with Milo we were done with everything - ready to go.  Notsomuch this time.

So first things first, the guest bed went bye bye and the office was moved into that room, and it is GLORIOUS!

Look! Doug can be on the computer and I can be sewing and we aren't bumping into each other!

Non-claustrophobic sewing area, with room for all my junk!

Office area. You don't have to have your back to the TV just because you want to use the computer!

Seriously, its the little things.  It is not so exciting though if you are planning on staying overnight at my house because now you are stuck with the pull-out sofa.

Oh well, sucks to be you.

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AlyceB said...

You have my dream sewing desk!! I soooo want that in white. I have had dreams of how I'll organise it, and decorate it with mini bunting, and... Sigh. One day. (we just moved to Japan, so a dedicated sewing desk is low on the budget priorities!)