Tuesday, July 19, 2011

House Tour - Upstairs

Look at me! I'm finally posting pictures of our "new" house that we moved into like 6 months ago!  When we bought it the places was covered in old person wallpaper... like every surface.  So we did all the walls and we changed out all the flooring in the downstairs.

Classing up the joint with a mailbox decal.

The very first thing we did was paint the door red - it made a huge difference... and I've always wanted a red door!

A crowded Office/Sewing Room - now soon the be the nursery.

Guest Bedroom - now soon to be the office/sewing room because it is much bigger then the blue room.

Full Bath

Its actually a jack and jill bathroom upstairs so you can also access it from the master, where we have a separate sink and vanity.

Accessory wall next to the closet.  No walk in closet here so I had to get creative.

Master Bedroom

Milo's Bedroom

(You're welcome Disney/Pixar.  You clearly owe your last quarters profits to us.)

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