Sunday, July 11, 2010

Be careful what you wish for.

This picture? Was taken in January. That's just a long sleeved shirt Milo is wearing there.
And this picture? Was taken in MARCH. With just a short sleeved shirt. I know, crazy, right?
So, obviously the sun paid us back for the gorgeous winter weather by being a total biatch all spring/summer, up until July 5th. Thats the "joke" here, that its always crappy on July 4th and then summer starts on July 5th. Its funny because its true. Except I'm not laughing.

After all our whining about what happened to summer, and how much it sucks to have to wear PANTS on the 4th of July the sun decided to be a biatch again, and July 5th we got hit with some crazy hot weather. Officially we spent a couple days in the mid 90s. Here though, my car told me it got into 100+ a couple days.

Have I mentioned we live in the land of no central air conditioning? Seattle folks don't think they need it. I've lived here 3 summers however, and would kill for it. Oh and also, our HOA doesn't allow window units. Seriously.

Some pics from the past few HOT days.

My ghetto fab blanket handing over the door to keep the sun out.
Splashing his little boats in the pool.
Milo's first icecream cone.
Thank god temperatures are going to get back into the normal range tomorrow and we can stop living in a dark dungeon that still feels like a sauna! (Seriously, the bedrooms were up to 88 degrees at night there for a couple of days. WTF?)


TDM Wendy said...

Little ones in swim diapers. Love 'em.

Sebas said...

he is so cute !