Saturday, June 12, 2010

Disney 2.0

Last weekend we took a little trip to LA with Doug. He had some meetings on Monday and Tuesday so we all flew in the Friday before to go to Disney. We definitely needed the nice weather since it rained here everyday for like 2 weeks before we left!

The only character we got a picture with in the park, but obviously the most important one! (Giant Bella, duh!)
It's a Small World was still his favorite!
I LOVE my new shoes from the Crocs Outlet!
We had dinner one night at a super good buffet called Goofy's Kitchen. They had PB&J Pizza, which was seriously amazing!
The character's come around during dinner too. Oh Goofy, I love your PB&J Pizza!
Getting sassy with Minnie.
Your giant chipmunk eyes are too white. Let's see if I can get some peanut butter in them!
Not amused by the princesses. (Who is this anyway? Cinderella? I thought she wore blue through. Thank god we don't have a girl because I am not up on my princesses!)
Worms in Dirt for dessert!
Off to Santa Barbara for a night. There was a Psych episode that took place at this building thing.
Our balcony there. Talk about right on the ocean! We had the best view of the sunset from our room.
So tired he fell asleep in the middle of rubbing his eyes! Adorable!


Katie said...

I think that is Sleeping Beauty :)

Stephanie C. said...

Oooh I knew I was forgetting one! I was like def not Snow White, and Cinderella usually wears blue... but who else is there? Ha!