Saturday, October 10, 2009

10 Months Old!

Dear Milo -

Where has my little tiny baby gone to? At 10 months old you are more a toddler then a baby and you are starting to look like such a little man! You're such a big boy too, in size 5 diapers (only 1 size left... what do we do after that?!) and 18 months clothing.
So much has happened this month, as you are learning so many new things every day right now! You have learned to wave, clap, and give high fives. The waving and clapping aren't always at the right time, but they are so very cute!
You are cruising along the furniture like its your job right now and grabbing anything and everything in your path. (Bella included in this and she's not always a fan even if you think its hilarious! She's smart though, when she's had enough of your shenanigans she just gets up on the couch or a bed where you can't reach.) You're standing on your tippy toes and starting to think about climbing up on things. I've seen a foot sneak up onto the bottom bookshelf and I think we are going to be in so much trouble once you are more steady on your feet. You have even started standing unassisted, even if only for a couple seconds. It won't be long before you are standing by yourself and even walking, I'm sure of that!
You have also started to have full on separation anxiety. This is a little bit of a problem when I drop you off at the gym daycare - you cry so hard the minute I hand you over! But, I'm told it only lasts a few minutes and it gets a little better every time we go. I also think the separation anxiety could be the reason that the sleep training isn't happening as fast as I had expected. Maybe you just don't want to be away to be away from me, as opposed to not being able to put yourself to sleep?
You are really showing stubborness lately too. You've perfected the tantrum - throwing yourself down on the ground, arching your back, and kicking your feet. (I swear I thought we had a little more time before this stage.) But, on the other hand, you are still quick to laugh and smile while we are playing and fooling around! You have the cutest smile with your 4 big teeth and your belly laugh is so huge and adorable!
Just too more months until your birthday, big man! We love you so much!

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