Monday, August 10, 2009

8 Months Old!

Dear Milo -

8 months old - 2/3 of the way through your first year! When did this happen?

This month certainly has been an exciting one for all of us - you have been developing by leaps and bounds all of a sudden and your personality is shining through more every day! You love to do peek-a-boo now and think it is so funny. You've even figured out how to initiate it by pulling the blanket up over your face and waiting for me to say it when you pull it back down. (How smart you are!) Your Grandma Sorce taught you how to give kisses this month too. Yes they are open-mouhted and a little tongue-y... but so cute! You also figured out how to make big splashes in the bath that can get the whole place wet - you love doing this and have a great time with it! You've figured out when a camera is on you now and usually ham it up when you see it... that is if you can sit still long enough for a picture!
This month, out of nowhere, you started to fall asleep on me on your stomach instead of me cradling you, and rubbing your back in that position is something that you really like now. You have never liked sleeping this way on us before, so it was a sursprise! A few days after you started doing this I started putting you to bed on your tummy and you are now back to your great sleeping self, usually not even waking up once in the beginning of the night like you had been for awhile.
We also have had to lower your crib mattress and play yard mattresses all the way to the lowest setting since you have started to pull up on everything. You haven't quite made it up onto your feet yet by yourself, but you can pull up onto your knees, and now also are getting on your knees and then straightening one leg. If I stand you up next to something you can hang on to then you can stand, so I think the only reason you haven't pulled up to standing yet is because there isn't much around that is the right height for that for you. You aren't quite crawling yet, but you sure can get around. You get into crawl position and rock and go backward, and if you want to go forward you manage to flip from knees to butt and get anywhere you want in no time! I think that your favorite thing to chase after is Bella... or her water dish!
Finally you got your first tooth this month! Its taking a long time to grow all the way up, but its coming, as is a second tooth that should be here at any time now. You love to eat still and have tried pretty much every fruit or vegetable that we eat on any kind of regular basis. You've also had chicken, turkey, salmon, yogurt, and cheese. Now if we could just get some more teeth you'd be all set to eat pretty much anything! You love to say "Dadadada" all the time now.. maybe your first word? I haven't really been able to decide if its a word or a happy accident, but Daddy sure does think it counts!
We are just so amazed by how smart you are and all the things you are learning to do right now, and we are loving every minute of watching you learn and grow!

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