Saturday, June 27, 2009

New "Milestone"

...and I was not ready for this one. Its the temper tantrum! I mean, seriously, I thought we had a little while longer for this one. But alas, I was wrong.

The first time it happened we were at the Target check out line and he was hanging on to a toy I was buying and when I took it from him for the guy to scan it he let out a big scream until he got it back. I mean, it was a pretty awesome toy and all, but he has never been attached to something enough before to care if you borrow it from him.

And then, just to show that it wasn't a fluke, later that night he did it again when I took his mesh feeder away from him to refill it with frozen watermelon pieces. Only this time he was sort of laying down so he did a full on thrash with the leg kick. I guess he loves his watermelon, just like his momma!

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