Friday, April 10, 2009

4 Months Old!

Height: 25.5" (75%)
Weight: 14 lbs 11 oz (50%)

Dear Milo,

Today you turned 4 months old and it sure has been an exciting month. You continue to develop your own little personality and you have no problem letting us know how you feel about something. You have perfected raspberries as well has your high pitched chirps and scream noises - and they are used for any occasion - whether you are happy or upset!
You are so big now that you are fully in 6-12 month clothes (and growing out of some already!) and will be moving into size 3 diapers this week when you run through your size 2/3s.

You are still sleeping well at night once you're asleep, however getting you to sleep has become a challenge. I think you would just really rather hang out with us so you fight it all the way! We are still working on your napping - these continue to be shorter and more sporadic then they should be, but I think we'll both get that figured out eventually.

You love your jumperoo now, and are still really into your playmat. Your favorite toy of all now is your feet though! You could lay and your back and play with your feet all day long practically. In fact, sometimes when you get a little fussy, all it takes to calm you down is to take off your socks and let you have your feet. Or if I really want to make you happy, raspberrying your feet is a gaurenteed hit! I think your feet will be the reason you learn to sit up on your own, because when you are leaning back you like to try to pull forward to find them!
You continue to be the light of our lives everyday and every month we figure each other out more and more!

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