Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3 Months Old!

Dear Milo,

I know every month I think you are growing up so fast but so much has gone on with you this past month it has been astounding. Out of no where you have gone from blobby newborn to a baby with your own personality! Just when I had you all figured out you go and switch things up on me! You now love to sit under your playmat and swat at toys and make noises at yourself in the mirror. And speaking of noises, in the last few days you have discovered that you can
make this new noise - very high pitched and a cross between a scream and a chirp. So cute!
You are getting so big too! You are already wearing your 6-12 month clothes (which meant we had to go shopping because most of your clothes in that size are for summer - I hope you still fit in them when it gets warm out!) I see lots of babies around that are 8 months or a year old and are shorter or smaller then you. And because you are such a big boy (who has grown to hate his infant seat) we have moved you up to your big boy stroller and car seat. You love the stroller and, although we just started using the car seat so its too soon to really tell, it seems like you are liking that better too. The only problem with this set up is that you aren't quite
ready to sit in restaurant high chairs yet, so we have to go places where we can bring your stroller in with us!
You've hit a few milestones this month as well. You can hold your head like a champ, you hold your own bottle once in a while, and of course the big one - you rolled over from your belly to your back (there goes tummy time! You won't stand for it anymore and just flip right onto your back now.) The first time you did it I was so surprised that I screamed so loud Bella came running over to see what was going on! She loves you so much, I think that when we come home from being out she is more excited to see you then me sometimes!

You are still a great sleeper - going usually 8-9 hours at a stretch at night time, but you hate to nap during the day! We spend a lot of time trying to get you to go down for a nap when you are tired that inevitably doesn't last very long. I think you are just too afraid you'll miss something so you want to stay away with us!

You are such a fun and happy baby, really only getting fussy when you are overtired. You continue to amaze us with the things you are learning to do and the sounds you are learning to make - we can't wait to see what you can do next!

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