Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mom and Baby Yoga!

On our 2nd try we finally made it to a Mom and Baby Yoga class! The first try was a total cluster. It was in West Seattle and there was rain, parking issues, and it all ended with me standing outside in the front of the building (it was above a restaurant) and not being able to find the door to get in to that part of the building. We gave up and went home!

So later that week I found a class in the 'burbs and it was fantastic! It was 90 minutes long and if any babies were fussy the teacher would hold them. Milo was really good the whole time. Mostly laying next to me but with the teacher for a few minutes. At one point I was doing the yoga poses over him to keep him entertained, but it worked! At the end of the class there was a
time to share and the teacher brought in Mothers Healing Tea (or something like that) and a treat.

The teacher was great, and the other ladies in the class were really nice. And as a bonus, I was glad to see they had normal postpartum bodies like me - not unrealistically skinny! Oh and weirdly enough, all the babies in the class were right around Milo's age, one little girl even shared his birthday!

I am so happy to say we have found our new Thursday activity. Up next, we are trying out a Stroller Strides class this coming week. I am determined to be in real clothes by spring!

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Alison 'n Brandyn said...

Aw Steph! He's so handsome!!