Wednesday, December 5, 2007

People never cease to amaze me.

So I got downtown early today and decided to hit the post office before work instead of at lunch. I had a ton of crap to mail but I couldn't do the APC because some had e-DC pre-printed blah blah I had to go to the counter. So its like 8:34am (all of 4 minutes after they opened) and there's like 4 people in line in front of me. Ok not so bad right? Well there's 2 peope working (slowly, of course) and at one of them there is this Blonde Bitch with like, literally, 50 or 60 Christmas cards. She feels the need to have the worker weigh EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. before she stamps it. NONE of them ended up weighing extra but she did every last one this way. And it took FOREVER. Seriously.

On the plus side i think I made some friends with the folks in line in front of my while we wondered out loud what was wrong with this nitwit and really, if she was that concerned, why she didn't just do this on her own at the APC. Blonde Bitch is lucky because I'm pretty sure everyone was thisclose to rioting as she kept pulling those cards out of her bag.

None of my packages were fragile, they would have survived hitting her head at 60 mph.

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