Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reason #547 Why Milo is a Genius

That is his Laugh and Learn Puppy, which he placed on Bella's dog bed, and put one of the dog toys on for him. By himself. Because he is a genius. So there.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Kissing Bella! Maybe she's Irish? (What you don't see here is the part where Bella licks Milo's open mouth. They love to french kiss, even if I think its a little gross!)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

15 Months Old!

Height: 32.5 inches (85%)
Weight: 26.8 pounds (75%)

::Sigh:: I seriously can't believe my baby, or I guess it is TODDLER now, is 15 months old!

Not too much exciting has been going on around here the last couple months but Milo has been growing so much.
He loves to sort things, put (sometimes throw) things into piles, put things into drawers, boxes, wherever. You wouldn't even believe the amount of times I find one of our phones or a remote or something in a random drawer, in his toy box, or in his shopping cart. (He is a lot like Doug in this way - putting things in odd places so we can't find it later. Doug is notorious for absentmindedly doing that!)

He is getting much braver and getting over his separation anxiety somewhat. He doesn't cry when I leave him at the gym daycare anymore and when we go to playgroup or the mall play area he will now take off and not hang right by my side.
He loves music and he loves to dance, especially to Vampire Weekend. Sometimes he will just stand in front of the ipod dock and point at it until I put some music on. And if it gets interrupted by a phone call or the cd ending he is unhappy!

He is a total daredevil, climbing and running everywhere, and doing things like climbing up the slide instead of going down it. You can't put him down to walk around unless you are committed to it, because once his feet touch the ground he doesn't want you to pick him up again. And sometimes he doesn't even want to hold your hand or let you lead him. Its exhausting!
He might not have any words yet, but he has lots of adorable gibberish. So cute, and I'm sure once he starts talking he'll never stop!